40th Transcavallo Regulation - 2023

40TH TRANSCAVALLO REGULATION “LONG DISTANCE TEAM 7.0” – 2023 and 3TH “Classic Individual Race”

A.s.d Transcavallo Committee and A.d. Dolomiti Ski-Alp Club will organize on the 11th February 2023 the 40th "Transcavallo". This is a National Ski Mountaineering team race, taking place in an environment typically mountaineering. It is an OPEN race as well, so open to all foreign athletes. Hereinafter, the Organizing Committee will always be reposted as C.O.

Transcavallo is a stage ski tour race taking place in the Venetian Pre-Alps and in particular in the Alpago mountains in the Belluno district, precisely in the villages of Tambre and Chies d'Alpago, which interests also Pordenone in Aviano municipality.
The development is about 28 km and 6.600meters of altitude overall – 3.300m D+ Start and finish will be set in Col Indes (Tambre) - Belluno. Official website is www.transcavallo.it, phone number +39 350 193 2852 and email info@transcavallo.it

Participation is reserved only for FISI members - for both the team competition and the individual classic - and for foreigner members of their own winter sport federation, anyway it’s necessary to have a good mountain experience and a great workout, as well as be familiar with similar competitions. Male, female and mix (male/female) teams will be admitted with the relative master category.

a) Registration requirements
Both M / F athletes of age belonging to Senior and Master categories with FISI membership for 2022/23 competitive season (or similar foreign federation) can join. The acceptance of registration is subject to the sending of the telematic module from internet FISI portal, by the Club’s President for which you are enrolled.
We won’t accept athletes who are serving suspensions for use of performance-enhancing drugs. The participation of teams mixed by gender is allowed; they will be put on separate standings.

b) How to apply
Registrations will open at a special price, on Monday 05 Dicember 2022, on www.transcavallo.it, at a cost of:

Team Race:
participation to the race on Saturday 11th February 2023, technical and medical assistance in addition to the refreshments during and at the end of race, final meal, massage service after the race from 2pm to 6pm, final prizes and a Karpos branded technical headband: € 150,00

Team Race + accommodation:
participation to the race on Saturday 11th February 2023, technical and medical assistance in addition to the refreshments during and at the end of race, final meal, massage service after the race from 2pm to 6pm, final prizes and a technical Karpos branded headband, - half board with dinner, overnight stay and breakfast on Saturday: € 250,00

Team Race and additional request for a Karpos technical garment
screen-printed and reserved for members-participants of the 40th Transcavallo TeamRace only - €50,00 per piece - only on reservation and while stocks last (200pcs) with size indication mandatory.

Classic Individual Race:
participation to the Classic Individual Race on Saturday 11th February 2023, technical and medical assistance in addition to the refreshments during and at the end of race, final meal, massage service after the race from 2pm to 6pm, final awards, a technical headband and a technical shirt, both branded Karpos: € 75,00

Classic Individual Race+ accommodation:
The possibility of booking ½ board at a favourable price for Individual Race participants should be made directly to the race office tel +39 350 193 2852 or by e-mail info@transcavallo.it by Saturday 04 February.

Early closure when the maximum number of 120 teams admitted is reached (reference is made to the payment of the registration fee), while for the Classic race the maximum number admitted is 100 athletes.

Until Saturday 04 February 2023, it is also permitted to change athletes only within a regularly registered team that is up to date with payments without any surcharge.

Any requests, for hotel accommodation, or for any additional days, must be arranged directly with the OC: tel +39 350 193 2852 - email: info@transcavallo.it

c) Payment
Pre-registrations can be done via the Internet at our site: www.transcavallo.it - payment by bank transfer:
Transcavallo Committee - BANCA PREALPI - Agenzia Belluno - Iban: IT 74 N 08904 11900 011000004295 - BIC: CCRTIT2TPRE - please indicate name and surname of both team members for the team event or the individual for the individual event

d) Interruption - Cancellation
In case of interruption of the race, the validity of the ranking recorded at the last recording on the course is confirmed and its prize money will not be reduced in any way.
The 50% of the fees will be paid back only to teams informing about of their race renunciation within and no later than Monday 30 January 2023, at 11.59pm. In case of bad weather, the race will be rescheduled on Sunday 12 February and any change will be announced by Thursday 9 February 2023.

In case of early cancellation of the event, due to health reasons or for lack of snow, will be refunded the full reservation fee.

ART. 5 Telematic sending from F.I.S.I. portal
Won’t be accepted to race those who will not send, via the Club’s President or a representative, regular registration form on the official FISI portal, within the terms fixed by the FISI itself.

It will be possible to collect race numbers at the race office in Tambre on:
Friday, 10th February from 2pm to 8pm

The race number will be given only if a valid identity document will be shown, this identity document should be kept also during the race in order to show it in case of a possible doping control.

Col Indes – Tambre (Belluno): LONG DISTANCE TEAM 7.0 at 7.30 am - CLASSIC INDIVIDUAL RACE at 8.30 am.

Tracks are always published on the event website www.transcavallo.it
The race has a development of about 28 km and 6.600meters of altitude overall – 3.300m D+ for the team race, instead for the Classic race there will be a distance of about 14 km, with 1.500m D+ and 3.000m overall. If due to uncontrollable events in the very morning of the race there will be changes in route, they will be notified directly by the Race Director or by the Director of the path. Competitors must strictly follow the race path properly marked with special signs (RTF FISI). The leaving of the official path, as well as involving the disqualification from the order of arrival, will be at the sole risk and danger of the competitor.

On the way there will be members of the organization in continuous contact with the base. Ambulance with paramedics will stay at the start/arrival and will be present also a race doctor. There will be also checkpoints and Artva functionalities, with members of the organization who will report directly to the race judges any anomaly or mistake.

Competitors’ behavior should respect the mountain environment; absolutely avoiding throwing waste. Everyone who will be caught to abandon waste along the way will be penalized as per the regulations and will also incur penalties provided by our municipal regulation.

In case of significant weather phenomena (fog, heavy snow, sudden change in temperature), the organization reserves the right to change the route, even during the last minutes or during the competition, in order to eliminate potential hazards (avalanches) or conditions of great discomfort for the participants. Any change will be communicated to participants and reported to the operators. The organization also reserves the right to suspend or cancel the race if the weather conditions endanger the safety of participants, volunteers and rescuers.

It is mandatory to bring with you, during the whole race, the material according to regulations printed on the FISI website www.transcavallo.it and communicated during the technical briefing.

As per 2022-2023 FISI Regulation.

A possible gate distance will be set by the Jury according to expected weather and snow conditions for athletes’ security. In case, it will be communicated during the technical briefing. A “broom service” however will go along the route, following the last team to assure assistance to any injured person.
In case of withdrawal, the team should report it to the staff in the nearest tees and bib number must be removed but held by athletes.

In addition to the refreshment point at the end of the race, one or more refreshment points will be set up along the race route. They will be all announced during the briefing before the race. Anyway, athletes must move in fully self-sufficiency regarding food and water.

Expenses refunds as on website www.transcavallo.it . The top 10 men's teams and the top 5 women's teams will be awarded with an overall prize money of €13.000 and prizes from sponsors for a further €4.000. In addition, the entire podium of Master category (both with year of birth 1977 and earlier) and mixed teams will be awarded with materials offered by the partner companies of Transcavallo 2023.

By their registration, participants authorize the organization to freely use images, both still and in movement, representing them during the participation to the 40th Transcavallo. This without territorial and time limit.

In accordance with CONI regulations, checks are expected and possible during the race. Therefore, athletes should always have with them a valid identity document (at the starting, at the arrival, before and after the race).

By registering you accept in full the contents of these race regulation.

The Organizing Committee