Classifiche/Standings 41^ Transcavallo - 4^ Classic

41^ Transcavallo - Team

4^ Classic - Individual


It's already time for the 41st Transcavallo!

This year novelty is that we return to the stage formula, 2 days to spend on the border mountains between Veneto and Friuli, as it was in the pre-pandemic period, of course a race affiliated with the Grande Course.

On Friday 16 February 2024, stage 1 at Piancavallo in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, we will retrace the tracks of the 2022 ISMF World Master race, which we enjoyed so much, but probably with some technical adjustments.

On Saturday 17 February, we return to Veneto, to Alpago in Tambre, for the 2nd and final stage; we will retrace the ridges that made the history of ski mountaineering in the contemporary era, bold and scenic peaks with steep couloirs will be the perfect setting, and there will also be a few surprises with some interesting ski mountaineering variants, all so as not to take anything for granted.

Also on Saturday, we will be proposing the 4th "Classic Individual Race", a F.I.S.I. circuit, suitable for those who want to approach the Transcavallo spirit over a somewhat shorter distance, around 15km, but no less satisfying for the technicality and beauty of the route. The 2nd edition of the "Alpago Ski-Alp Experience" was a welcome novelty in 2023, and so it will return on Sunday 18 February. This is a meeting open to all, without any competitive note, with the opportunity to follow the trail left by the big names in World ski mountaineering, but with the help of CAI instructors and mountain guides.

There will be no shortage of entertainment events at the tensile structure located at Col Indes in the starting area; the same will be used as an expo from Friday 16, and the food and wine part will also be on offer on Saturday and Sunday. Eventually, we cannot fail to thank the many volunteers and collaborators, who have always been the beating heart of the event. A huge thank you to all the institutions of Veneto and Friuli and to the sponsors who firmly believe in the values of sport conveyed by these events and in what these initiatives bring in terms of visibility and tourism for our mountain resorts.

Last but not least, thanks must be extended to all the police forces that support us and to the Veneto and Friuli Mountain Rescue Service for their constant and competent presence in support of our, and above all yours, Transcavallo.