Official Program 40th TRANSCAVALLO 2023

Friday, February 10
Race office based in Tambre - Alpago

2.00 pm - 8.00 pm registration of athletes both for the “long distance team 7.0” and for the “3rd classic individual race”
3.00 pm opening of the village in Col Indes, with refreshments for volunteer-trailers
7.00 pm briefing at Tambre cinema
8.00 pm dinner at hotels
8.15 pm lighting representative torches on Mount Guslon for the 40th birthday

Saturday, February 11
Race start and arrival in Col Indes - Tambre

6.30 am - 7.15am meeting point in Col Indes - Tambre
7.30 am starts 40th Transcavallo “long distance team 7.0” - mass start
7.35 am - 8.15am accreditation for athletes in the "classic individual race"
8.30 am starts “3rd classic individual race” mass-start
10.15 am Arrival first athletes of “classic individual race” and flower ceremony
10.30 am Arrival first teams of 40th Transcavallo “long distance team 7.0” and flower ceremony
12.00 am - 4pm lunch for trackers and athletes
2.00 pm awards for “Classic individual” race
2.30 pm maximum finishing time for the athletes of the "long distance team 7.0"
4.00 pm awards for “long distance team 7.0”
5.00 pm closing party with DJ set & buffet


Sunday, February 12
At Col Indes di Tambre (Alpago) – 1st Ski-alp Touring Experience Alpago

7.00 am - 8.30 am participants markings at the "1st Ski-alp Touring Experience Alpago".
9.00 am – 1pm trial and testing of materials from the Transcavallo Village partner companies
10.00 am kiosk opening with local food and wine refreshments
12.00 am DJ sets and street food for all to the bitter end
2.00 pm Alpago Ski-Alp Touring Experience lottery and live music