At last also this 37th Transcavallo has been archived. It's been very demanding, from any point of view you want to analyze it.
The last week has been hectic and full of doubts for everyone, first and foremost for safety, given the much ice produced by the strong wind. This whole edition was marked by the immoderate use of crampons on particular tracks, given that there was no snow at the bottom of mountains, while at altitude there was a lot of it (even if it was still that of November 2019). Finally, for the logistics, since both of the first two stages were entirely run in the Piancavallo ski area, as guests of PromoTurismo FVG, and in Val dei Sass, while the final day was held at the Veneto site of the 2017 World Championship, in Val Salatis. There were many transport problems to be addressed, including the distance from the heart of the event, which remained Tambre and Col Indes.
Everything took place regularly with the first two short and tense stages and then with the last one of wide breath and technical and demanding skimountaineering. Praise to all the junior athletes who raced for the Italian Cup on Sunday on a very demanding track, but judged by everyone as a wonderful one, therefore we plan to return also in 2021 with this race of young people which are the real hope and future for this beautiful sport.
The very high quality of the senior teams, both for men and women, and the presence of foreign teams for almost half of the total, seal the constant growth of the Transcavallo. Competitions fought and uncertain until the end also define the real size of the purely competitive part. Thanks to everyone: sponsors, institutions, voluntary groups in general and mountain rescue, who keep watching, together with the SC Dolomiti Ski-Alp trackers, now already accustomed to everything. Great effort also for catering, for those who follow the award ceremony and also for those who followed it from behind a camera or from behind a video camera, or at the controls of a drone ... and to who has been recording timing, commenting and helping ...
A special thanks also to who let us to propose for the 1st time a suggestive and important briefing in the church, we will also propose it in the next edition.
The 38th edition will retourn at the end of February 2021, just after the Alpine Ski World Championships scheduled a few kilometers from here in the renowned Cortina, certainly with some news and certainly with the desire to always do better and better, correcting what this year maybe did not succeed very well and trying to offer routes as we imagine them every year, but that only the weather in the end decides inexorably and incontrovertibly!
Thanks again to everyone and long life to Transcavallo!