This is undoubtedly a difficult year, very difficult at global level, but the desire to present a 38th edition of Transcavallo 2021 is also very strong, in the awareness of the difficulties, of the problems and unknowns that await us.
The last event, on February 2020, was more demanding than ever, but the causes were different, those same causes that this time seem to be averted given the important load of snow already present in Salatis valley and all over the mountains between Alpago in Veneto and Piancavallo in Friuli.
Covid-19 permitting - of course there will be a very precise health plan aimed at merit - it would be important to find and retrace those classic ski mountaineering routes that have always been practiced here; very technical, challenging, spectacular and aerial with many panoramic peaks and adrenaline-filled couloirs to go down and up.
The appointment is exceptionally scheduled for 20 March, in a single and very peculiar stage. The 38th Transcavallo "long distance team 7.0" will be a great ride of around 30km with a total of 7,000m, of which 3,500m will be uphill only, with 7 peaks to climb.
There is another big news, in fact from this year we are "race affiliated to La Grande Course", that is to say the great international ski mountaineering we like best! You will then have to register on www.grandecourse.com and obtain your LGC card - free of charge - before competing in the Transcavallo. Whoever finishes the Transcavallo 2021 will get all the points that our event awards. The points will be used to register for the official LGC races already this year and in the years to come (PierraMenta - Adamello SkiRaid - Trofeo Mezzalama - Altitoy Ternua - Tour du Rutor - Patrouille des Glaciers ).
In case of absolute impossibility to compete the entire registration fee will be refunded.
Hurray for Transcavallo and, as ever, a strong ALE’.

LIGHT individual

After the long distance team 7.0, here there is the other novelty of 2021 for the 38 th Transcavallo, the "Transcavallo light individual".
An almost short individual race, but not trivial even with about 1300m D+ and 13km of development... but the Canalino delle Placche with its over 50° will be a great reason to be there, not to mention the ridge that goes from Guslon to Castelàt, the scene of many International and World Ski Mountaineering challenges! And then the dive into Val Salatis....so much stuff in such a small space has never been seen before.
So, also for the "Transcavallo light", let's have a big ALE'.